TIsat-1 Collected Data

Decoding table for TIsat-1 beacon messages: 437.305MHz

While sunlit, the beacon of TIsat-1 continuously sends the message “HI HI HI TISAT” followed by a Morse character indicating the temperature of the transmitter. The beacon is turned off during eclipse to avoid stress of the batteries. This message is repeated each 15s and is encoded with 17 WPM. The radio used as beacon has been completely developped at SUPSI with the help of local HAMs. The encoding of the temperature is reported in the next table.

Morse CharacterF B  K RHNTEISADMU5L
Temperature (Celsius)-10-50+5+10+15+20+25+30+35+40+45+50+55+60+65

Please report the received values, quality of signal, time and location. A Web application to upload these information will soon be available.

Most recent radio contact recorded, was on April 8th 2018
Subject:Re: Hi from NZ
Date:Sun, 8 Apr 2018 14:23:27 +1200

Hi Paolo,   Yesterday and today I had a listen to TIsat-1 and it was quite interesting. In the past I have only heard the 70cm channel with the beacon sending “R”. However on the two passes I monitored TI-sat-1 changed to the 2m channel around mid pass. No data was transmitted on 2m but after some time I heard two strong “K”s. The details today were AOS 0155UT, LOS 0207UT. 60 deg elevation pass. At 0200 the satellite changed from 70cm to 2m.  No signals until two strong “K”s at 0206 and 0207 just before LOS.  
So TIsat-1 is still alive and going strong.  
73 Alan