The most important payload is not what you launch, it is what you learn!

Material Degradation

Atomic Oxygen is a molecular configuration of oxygen available in the atmosphere and is very aggressive on many materials. Satellites orbiting in LEO are exposed to atomic oxygen attacks.

TIsat-1 carries experiments to verify the durability of conducting wires (different materials, different cross sections) and nylon lines exposed to the space environment.

Bonding wires on the six external sides of TIsat-1 will constantly be monitored. It is expected that if a wire is attacked by atomic oxygen, it will break open. TIsat-1 will be able to tell how long those wires survive in LEO conditions.

Technology validation

The three processor approach for the Command & Data Handling subsystem, aiming at fault tolerance and availability, the full firmware modulation schemes implemented for TIsat-1 and the housekeeping strategy, based on decisione tree methodologies, are to be validated for use in future SUPSI-SpaceLab missions.