Picture Gallery

The launch day: NDTV 24×7, PSLV-C15 live TV from the MCC at SDSC (Satish Dhawan Space Centre)

FULL – Live PSLV-C15 Launch (30′)
Countdown: t0 minus 30″
NDTV 8′: PS2 Separation
Talks about Student Satellites
3 Small Satellites + 1

MCC at SUPSI DTI – SpaceLab (room 230, Manno)

Manno MCC: Launch and Early Operation Phase (LEOP)
Greeting Words from the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation

PSLV Integration

Delivering TIsat-1 to Sriharikota Launch Base

Delivering TIsat-1 to the launch provider.
DHL made it finally to Dufferin Str. with SpaceLab’s parcel.

After business, enjoy a few days of tourism:
For those who know what ARRL is, we did not ask for this numberplate, but we got it!

Vibration Test 1 at RUAG AG, Lodrino
Vibration Test 2 at RUAG AG, Lodrino

Antenna setup – Phase 2

Don’t worry, we’ll confortably be driving to Monte Tamaro, someone said…
We eventually reached our destination by car, but the next day, everybody had his fitness walk down.
All this for discussing technology and having a good time together with cross “fit-check”.
In this beautiful landscape where were the students? … sigh, exams!

Students of DTI partecipating to the
Summer CubeSat Workshop and SmallSat Conference at USU, Logan, Utah (USA)

100 years Swiss Engineering Ticino: SUPSI-SpaceLab’s booth

The PiCPoT team visiting SUPSI-SpaceLab.
Prof. L.M. Reyneri reporting about the PiCPoT project and lessons learned

Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana makes our project visible:
collecting pictures and comments for the first special on SUPSI-SpaceLab’s work. Tanks to L. Fedele and his crew.

Walking tour on Monte Tamaro: 46deg 06′ 13”N, 8deg 51′ 57”E; elev. 1961m
Check a possible location for remotely operated antennas for our ground station – suggested by HB9MAD (AMSAT SBS).
Will we be allowed to be on this antenna pole?

Round view from Monte Tamaro.

Walking tour on Monte Generoso: 45deg 55′ 47.89”N, 9deg 01′ 19.07”E; elev. 1706m
Communication test: how are we able to receive our Ground Station?
Distance: 13.25km; Direct Line of Sight; TX: 10mW, Manchester encoded data

…and the copper wire worked fine!

Visit to Meteoswiss – Payerne (“station aerologique”)

Visit to the Zimmerwald Observatory and SLR (thanks to HB9SZT)

Visit to the largest European HamRadio Exhibition in Friedrichshafen (Germany)

Visit to the RUAG AG Laboratory and Workshop in Lodrino (CH)

Kindly invited to the AVIA 25th anniversary celebration and conferences in Agno (CH)

Welcome Mr. Villa

The MEMO for the School Council, which eventually gave his formal approval to the project.

AMSAT-I @ Radiant

Donated antennas: HB9CHN (Dr. Ury Erez)


Lab Furniture 

SmallSat ’05

Experimental work on subsystems: Magnetorquer prototype

Antenna setup – phase 1

Welcome Mr. Kalman (Pumpkin Inc. – CubeSat Kit)

A second MEMO with the proposal…

An internal MEMO with the idea…

A few papers like this made us curious: I2C, RS232, RTOS, PIC16F877, SALVO, Spacecraft, Student Education, …