Ground Station – HB9SRC

System Structure

GS 2: SUPSI SpaceLab Ground Station

A number of computer science student projects was carried out during the past semesters in order to automate satellite tracking and allow for controlled remote access to the ground station ressources.

The subject of the student project SUPSI SpaceLab Ground Station is the development of a software system to manage satellite tracking requests through a multi-user dynamic web site.
The hardware interface between the YAESU G5500 rotor controller for antenna pointing and the software system is a simple microcontroller running an in house developped firmware.


SUPSI-SpaceLab promoted the foundation of the SUPSI Radio Club to support and promote the interest in amateur radio communication technologies for our students, leveraging on the experience and the enthousiasm of senior amateur radio operators, who were of unvaluable support to discuss, design and tune the communication systems of the mission.


Thank you so much to the amateur radio community for support, consultancy and encouragement.
To our students (the “cellular phone- and Internet generation…”) best wishes to keep so enthusiastic and successful for technology and experimentation as this community is!