SSL – SUPSI Space Laboratory

The website SUPSI-SpaceLab you are visiting is a reedition and migration as per Spring 2022 of the original one, reporting:

  • the highlights of the project SSL, TIsat-1 HB9DE (2005-2010),
  • TIsat-1 successful launch (July 12th, 2010 at 03:52 UTC),
  • a bunch of information of general interest recovered from the original collection and
  • a few updated information (2022).

The aim of the reediting is to preserve the memory of this extraordinary project.

Groups of SUPSI students work in a both local as well as international ambit directed towards the study, implementation, testing, launching and monitoring of small satellites.

The satellite is an effective educational means to create motivation, responsibility, novelty and enthusiasm.


  • to encourage interest in the technical-scientific curricula;
  • to contribute to scientific development;
  • to give added prominence to the SUPSI;
  • to increase its attractiveness;
  • to contribute to innovation;
  • to give impetus to industry.

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